Frontrunners is a locally owned and operated retailer specializing in footwear, apparel & fitness programmes to support an active lifetyle. Leading in this market by offering the best in customer service, we strive to exceed customers’ expectations at every opportunity. 


Frontrunners Footwear is Vancouver Island’s most comprehensive running and athletic footwear establishment, with a knowledgeable and experienced staff to help you find the footwear and technical clothing that will suit your needs. Frontrunners is also committed to helping the community, as a sponsor of many events, charitable foundations, and athletic associations.


Total customer service by addressing customer needs, wants, concerns and questions and exceeding their service expectation.

Teamwork through helping, cooperating, and respecting fellow employees

Contribution to and support for community development.

Integrity by being responsible for oneself and ensuring one’s behavior is ethical.

Promoting employee excellence and growth.


All staff are trained to combine the product knowledge side of fitting with the medical knowledge side of fitting. They are able to take pre-existing medical conditions and injuries into consideration when choosing your next running shoe. Our staff know the importance of looking at not only the size and width of a foot but also the volume, previous injuries, medical conditions, training plans, and training surface when choosing the perfect shoe for their customers.

Being runners and walkers ourselves we realize that it’s almost impossible to know for sure if the shoe you just bought is going to feel good on your next run or walk. That’s why the staff at Frontrunners encourage every customer to try their new shoes around the house or try them out on the treadmill to get an even better feel for the shoe. If the customer then has any issues or questions about the shoe there is no problem with returning or exchanging the shoes for something more suitable. We stand behind our product! From size 5 to 16 and 2A to 4E we have it all. We have the largest selection of running and walking shoes on Vancouver Island and are constantly expanding to bring new products to our customers.

Shoe Fit Guarantee

Our 30 day, 2km fit guarantee allows you to take your shoes home and to try them on the treadmill or around your house. We want you to be happy with your shoes, so that you have happy feet!